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Dragon's Blood incense

Dragon's Blood incense


The tantalizing aroma of our Dragon's Blood powder incense will enhance your senses and empower your rituals.


Masculine- Fire – Mars – Pluto – Gemini

Magickal Properties:
Amplify Magick – Banishing evil/negativity – Love – Protection – Dragon Magick


Dragon’s Blood metaphysical properties in use:

  • Combine with herbs, oils, and crystals that have similar properties to increase magick’s power.
  • Use combinations to dress candles with specific intent.
  • Make an offering of Dragon’s Blood to a Goddess or God.
  • Powder with herbs and resins to create incense. 
  • Infusions can be used in the sacred cup for specific magickal workings, moons, or times of the year. – Place herb in a cup and pour hot water over them to steep for 15-20 minutes, and strain. 
  • Add herbs to sachets, or talismans.
  • When making a spell or mirror box include herbs related to your intent.
  • Sprinkle herbs around your sacred space that match your magickal intent.
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