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Reiki is a Complementary/Alternative Medical therapy that offers a holistic approach for the mind, body, and spirit! Reiki is being used in over 16% of hospitals in the U.S. including Johns Hopkins, The Mayo Clinic, The Cleveland Clinic, City of Hope, and Walter Reed Hospital.


The military offered soldiers at the Fort Bliss Restoration & Resilience Center who were returning from Iraq and Afghanistan Reiki, Tai Chi, and movement. Soldiers receiving these treatments had measurably lower rates of PTSD and suicide. When we heard this news, we started a Reiki for Vets program. Find out more information on this gratis service below.

Reiki Services

Our sessions combine Reiki, ThetaHealing™ techniques, and intuitive guidance to connect to our clients energetically, and transmute lower vibrational energies, release trauma, blockages, and unhealthy thoughtforms and belief programs. This assists in balancing the chakras, cleansing the aura, and manifesting your destiny. 

Each client reports unique experiences during their Reiki sessions. While a few clients may feel nothing outside of relaxation, others describe seeing colors, feeling heat or coolness, experiencing weightlessness, and release.

Don't live in Phoenix, Tucson, or Oracle, AZ area? Long Distance sessions are available!

We're here to help you along your path whether you want a one-time session or to set up a monthly program of healing and coaching. We also teach crystal workshops, essential oil workshops, Reiki 1, Reiki 2, and Reiki Master certification courses in person and online. 

Reiki for Vets

*When booking Reiki for Vets, please select the "Pay In Shop" option to bypass entering credit card information.

Imagination Plaza Wellness Center

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  • 1 hr

    60 US dollars

"After battling with Combat PTSD for 20+yrs., an acquaintance recommend checking out Appalachian Awakening Healing Center. I met Jodi, who was willing and open to answering any and all my questions, about spiritual healing (Reiki), stones, crystals, oils, herbs, etc. After about the 3rd time being in her shop and still skeptical, Jodi, offered a free Reiki session, as she does with all veterans. During the session, Jodi aligned all my chakras and gathered information about past and current life issues, and aura color. For the first time, I felt a peaceful presense w/o anxiety, depression, or fear. I was hooked. I looked into the information Jodi had given me and was back for another healing believing w/o a doubt Reiki, was real. Since then Jodi has become my Reiki, instructor on all 3 levels and a positive role model. She is highly intelligent and very knowledgeable in many spiritual fields and realms of healing. I highly recommend her. She has shown me a better way to live and the tools to help others in need. I can not thank her enough!"

-Bill K


Our clients are excited to share their experiences! Read testimonials and watch videos from people we've worked with from across the world. 

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