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Reiki For Veterans

Reiki for Veterans is a program established in 2011 at Peace of Me after having read a lot of compelling research involving soldiers who were receiving Reiki along with other alternative therapies at the Fort Bliss Restoration and Resilience Center. Military officials noticed that the soldiers receiving these therapies have lower rates of PTSD and suicide. They expanded their use of Reiki to Walter Reed and Fort Belvoir.

This gratis program provides veterans and active military members a Reiki session each month for at least three months. Three months are not mandatory if you don't feel this therapy resonates with you.

Links to More info About Reiki In The Military

In this article on the Army's official website recounts combat vet Staff Sgt. Edward Wood and others who received Reiki and other Complimentary Alternative Therapies.

This article on the Army's website discusses the beginning of the use of Reiki and other therapies in the military.

This YouTube features Captain George Ceremuga, DO discussing how Reiki self-care and meditative practices are helping patients at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital.

Educate, Try, and Share: A Feasibility Study to Assess the Acceptance and Use of Reiki as an Adjunct Therapy for Chronic Pain in Military Health Care Facilities

If you are an active or veteran military member and would like to start Reiki for Vets you can stop in the shop or Book Online. When booking online, please select the option Pay In-Person to bypass the payment process.

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