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César and Jodi are long-time artists and Reiki practitioners who are excited to spark the imagination of those they encounter. Imagination Plaza is located in Oracle, AZ. Jodi brings her previous experience as the owner of Peace of Me, a wellness center and metaphysical shop she owned in Maryland for almost a decade practicing and teaching Reiki, practicing Theta Healing, Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing, and Meditation before moving to AZ. 


César brings his artistic flair and insightful intuitive arts to this joint adventure that's a fusion of art and wellbeing! He has been a student of Shamanism for most of his life and developed his own system of Oracle card readings that are insightful and thought-provoking experiences rooted in animal wisdom and nature. He also owns Namaste Landscaping and is well-respected for his ability to offer natural and eco-friendly services.

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Imagination Plaza

César and Jodi are influenced by nature, their love of being a student of life, and the desire to bring about individual and collective changes that are positive for the planet and mankind. They look forward to bringing you emotive blog posts, evocative knowledge, and exciting products that inspire! 

After starting their family, Imagination Plaza was opened in 2021 in Oracle, AZ, located in Southeast Arizona, a short drive from Tucson and Phoenix. They are constantly expanding and growing with new projects, ideas, and involvement in the community. Visit Imagination Plaza at 1995 W. American Ave, Oracle, AZ 85623. Call 520-251-4777 for more information.

You can find their art at the Oracle Visitor's Center or during the annual Oracle Artist Studio Tour.

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