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Apache Tear gemstone

Apache Tear gemstone


Apache Tear stones are a form of obsidian that has a background born of legend. Pinal Apache found were battling colonists and found themselves outnumbered and corned at the rugged cliffs in Superior, AZ. Rather than being taken captive, the warrior lept off of the mountain to their death. When remaining tribal members saw their loved ones' remains they wept. Creator heard the cries of the Apache and their tears mixed with the Earth created the Apache Tear. It is said that if you carry an Apache Tear you should not remain in sorrow, for the Apache had cried enough.


Obsidian is an excellent stone that can be used to absorb negative energy and act as a shield of protection. It was used by ancient cultures like the Aztecs and Mayans for ceremonial and practical purposes. 


Each stone is unique and will vary in size, color, and shade variations. 

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