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Radical Intention Bracelets, Selenite

Radical Intention Bracelets, Selenite


Our Selenite Radical Intention Bracelets are created using crystals that will bring you powerful energy to amplify your intention!  Each bracelet is hand-crafted, designed with numerology, and Reiki attuned.  Radical Intentions: 


Radical Relaxation- Amethyst

Radical Courage- Carnelian

Radical Abundance- Citrine

Radical Wisdom- Lapis Lazuli

Radical Protection- Obsidian

Radical Love- Rose Quartz


Buy The whole set and receive 20% off.


Selenite is one of the highest vibrational stones on the planet. Its naturally cleansing, charging, and protective qualities make it a favorite among Healers and Intuitives. These Selenite bracelets combine with specific crystals to create radical intention and bring it into your life. 

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