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Selenite- All You Need To Know In 5 Minutes: Uses, Meanings, and Lore!

Selenite, named after its trace mineral, Selenium, is a favorite among Healers and Intuitives for its exclusive metaphysical properties and uses. It forms when sulfate and calcium-rich saltwater evaporate, leaving behind this beautiful translucent gypsum mineral. It is often associated with the Greek Goddess Selene in spiritual practices, and an indigenous legend shared with us centers around its variation, the Desert Rose. Once you learn how to work with Selenite, it'll be one of your go-to crystals too!

Selenite properties and meanings
Selenite properties and meanings

The rare energetic properties of Selenite make it unique, and its natural healing process happens in a few easy steps:

  • repelling negative energy before it reaches you due to its extremely high vibration

  • cuts negative energy from the etheric body

  • removes cords and blockages in the aura

  • cleanses the rest of the entire energy bodies

  • directs high-frequency fifth-dimensional energy into your 3D world

  • refreshes mental, emotional, and spiritual energies, making it ideal for purification.

High vibrational spiritual tools, such as selenite repel negative energy before it even reaches your aura, which extends several feet from your physical body. This high vibrational mineral then cuts low-vibrational energy away from your physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. As it does this, it removes any cords and flushes out blockages you have. This smoothing of the five subtle bodies creates a fresh canvas for your physical body and allows higher five-dimensional energy to flow into your 3D world, helping you find balance, peace, and alignment.

Other uses for Selenite include:

  • keeping the peace

  • crystal gridding

  • chakra healing

  • cleansing and charging other crystals

  • aiding psychic connection

Keep the peace

Place it around your home and office space. Put Selenite in the areas of your home and work where you spend most of your time. We keep it in the shop at all times, especially in the healing room!

Crystal Gridding

Setup a crystal grid by placing selenite in the corners or around the areas you want to offer protection. You can pair selenite with black tourmaline or use it by itself. Other crystal grids are created by laying stones out as a specific symbol, on top of a symbol or mandala, and even burying them within the specific boundaries of a plot of land.

For example, if you want to create a Reiki Healing crystal grid, get Reiki-attuned crystals, take a picture or write the intention you have on paper and place it in the center of a healing symbol or mandala, and then place your stones on top of this grid. Add candles and other spiritual items as desired.

Chakra Healing

Selenite is associated with the Sacral, Third Eye, and Crown chakras, but I have found it is great for clearing and balancing all chakras. To use Selenite to balance your chakras, place it at the desired location. Keep your breath focused as you visualize the energy of the Selenite merging with your energy. Clear out any grey, dark, muddy, or clogged spaces you notice within the flow of your energy.

Cleansing and Charging Other Crystals

Selenite's exclusive ability to regenerate its own energy is amplified by its natural ability to purify and charge other crystals! You don't need to activate, cleanse, or charge Selenite. It does it on its own. How does Selenite charge your crystals? Simply leave your crystals sitting on selenite overnight and they will be ready to go by morning!

Psychic Connection

It assists in intuition by raising your vibration, clarifying your intuition, and connecting you to higher dimensional beings, such as spirit guides and angels. To increase your psychic abilities, meditate with Selenite sitting on your third eye chakra.

Legend of the Desert Rose

Selenite is most commonly known in its raw white translucent fibrous form. You can also find it colored orange or peach, and brown. It is said that selenite can also be green. I haven't seen it in over a decade of working with crystals and in all my visits to gem shows, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. If you've seen it, leave a comment and let us know! The gypsum-rich form of selenite, Desert Rose, is known for its beautiful flower shape and carries a touching indigenous story that highlights the interconnectedness between the Physical and Spirit Worlds. Legend says that after a warrior transitions to Spirit World they make Desert Rose for those of us left in the physical world. You can go out in the desert and if you're lucky enough find an area with thousands of these majestic stones scattered, this they say has been a gathering of the warriors.

Selenite Other Associations

  • Planets- Moon

  • Zodiac- Gemini & Cancer

  • Element- Air

  • Mohs Scale- 2 (meaning it's fairly soft).

Selenite (as with all stones that end in -ite, as well as Lapis Lazuli) is water soluble, and should not be left in or used with water for a prolonged period of time as this will break your crystal down.

If you are looking to add pieces of selenite to your collection, check out our online shop.

Here are some favorite ways to use selenite:

Selenite Wands are a popular option. They are perfect for meditation, visualizations, and crystal healing. Place a selenite wand in your sacred space and use it to cleanse and charge your favorite stones.

Charging plates are another high-demand Selenite item in crystal healing. We engraved this one with a Triple Helix border using our Glowfroge C02 laser.

When we search for the stones we want to bring you, we always look for this perfect viewing eye. While we can't always guarantee you that your piece will have this clear window, we can promise it will be equally spectacular.

Our hand-crafted Radical Intention Bracelets are created with crystals that bring you powerful energy to amplify your intentions. Each is designed with numerology and Reiki attuned.

Your Radical Intentions include:

Radical Relaxation- Amethyst

Radical Courage- Carnelian

Radical Wisdom- Lapis Lazuli Radical Protection- Obsidian

Radical Love- Rose Quartz

Selenite Heart

You'll find other selenite crystals such as desert roses, palm stones, pendulums, and crystal jewelry when you visit our shop in Oracle, AZ too.

I hope you found this information on Selenite helpful. If there are any stones, crystals, or minerals you would like to discuss, let us know!

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