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Shiva Lingam Life Hack: Crystal Use, Meaning & Properties

Shiva Lingam is one of the few stones anyone can feel and work with regardless of their previous experience with crystals. It is widely known among Gen X’ers as the Sankara stone in Indiana Jones, but few know the metaphysical properties, meaning, and warning that comes with the possession of a Shiva Lingam.

Metaphysical Properties of the Shiva Lingam:

Found in the Narmada River this naturally egg-shaped stone, once exclusive to India’s temples, hold incredible metaphysical properties that energize your entire chakra system, boost your kundalini energy, and can help determine if you’re out of balance with your masculine or feminine energy.

To determine if your masculine or feminine energy is out of balance:

1. Hold the Shiva Lingam in your hands at your heart.

2. Stand steady but not rigid with your feet shoulder-width apart.

3. Pay attention! You will notice your body pull slightly forward or backward.

If you pull forward, you are out of balance with feminine energy. If you pull backward, you are out of balance in masculine energy. If your stance stays steady, both your masculine and feminine energy are in balance! Holding this stone for a couple of minutes will re-establish any harmony needed.

Other metaphysical properties and uses for the Shiva Lingam are:

  • Ancient Knowledge

  • Spiritual Awakening

  • Balancing Polarities

  • Expanded Consciousness

  • Transformation

  • Meditation

  • Breaking Old Patterns and Establishing New Patterns

Spiritual Meaning of a Shiva Lingam

In Ancient Sanskrit texts, the word Shiva means “sign” or “symbol”. The word linga means “the form.” The Lingam represents the “cosmic egg” and symbolizes the creation of the divine masculine and feminine. It is extraordinarily similar to the shape of an egg, the earth, and human auras. This perfect ellipsoid is called a Linga.

Ancient eastern traditions believed Creation starts in the form of an ellipsoid and then manifests to become many things. Adepts that go into deep states of meditation, before experiencing the point of absolute dissolution of the ego, feel the energy return to the form of an ellipsoid. This means that in the manifestation of life, the first and final form is a Linga.

This stone is often used as a representation of the Hindu deity, Shiva. They are installed in your home or in a temple alongside a yoni, the symbol for the creative feminine energy of the Goddess Shakti, it brings in vibrations of peace, harmony, and oneness with Source.

Shiva Lingam Warning!

Spiritual adherents are advised to respect the sacredness of the Shiva Lingam. With respect to their sanctity, you are expected to walk a virtuous life when near or living with them in your homes. They are not meant for ornamental purposes or show. It is said that while Shivas cleanse an adherent of their past sins, any sins which are committed around a Shiva Lingam, will stick to the sinners and strike them with the force of a thunderbolt. Hence, one of the popular beliefs is that one should not keep a Shiva Lingam in the house unless one wants to worship it according to established procedures and lead a virtuous life.

Other correspondences for the Shiva:

  • Chakra- Balances all 7 seven chakras

  • Planet- Earth

  • Zodiac- Scorpio

  • Element- Earth

  • Mohs- 7

  • Chemical Formula- SiO2

The Shiva Lingam balances the whole body, and is a must-have stone! You can add this cosmic energy to your collection by checking out the shop!

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