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The Heart Chakra- How Balancing It Affects Your Life Energy!

The chakras create an energy system that moves throughout our body and affects our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. When chakras are out of balance it influences us on not just a spiritual or emotional level but can manifest as dis-ease in the body. Thankfully we can become conscious of and work with our chakras to be more alive with vitality.

The Heart Chakra, or Anahata in Sanskrit, is green in color and is located at the center of our chest. The heart chakra represents love in its many forms as well as the compassion, empathy, and affection we give and receive.

This chakra is the bridge between the bottom chakras that deal with the phsyical world and the upper chakras that are associated with the spiritual realms.

Heart Chakra Meaning:

  • Inner Peace

  • Joy

  • Love

The Heart Chakra is blocked by grief.

Signs Of An Underactive Heart Chakra:

When this chakra is open, we live with compassion and harmony. An under-active heart chakra leaves us feeling cold and distant. This leads to a lack of empathy, finding it hard to forgive, loneliness, and depression.

Indications Of An Overactive Heart Chakra:

An over-active chakra tends to smother others or is based on selfish needs. It causes high expectations that can lead to harsh judgments in others or needing to find acceptance outside the Self!

Manifestations Of Heart Chakra Imbalances:

The heart chakra feeds the heart, lungs, blood circulation, chest, arms, and hands. Manifestations of dis-ease include lung and heart ailments, allergies, breathing issues, chest pain, pneumonia, hypertension, circulatory and immune system disorders, and upper back pain.

To open and balance the heart chakra you can use the affirmation, “I am pure unconditional love.” Hug yourself. Practice gratitude and show compassion. Love and support the child within. Do volunteer work that has meaning for you. Smile and say hello to strangers, and always express your love for others. By sincerely opening your heart to everything you experience without judgment or condemnation, healing can occur.

Stones And Crystals That Balance The Heart Chakra:

  • Aventurine

  • Emerald

  • Jade

  • Moldavite

  • Peridot

  • Rose Quartz

Incense To Balance Heart Chakra:

  • Jasmine

  • Lavender

  • Rose

Essential Oils That Balance The Heart Chakra:

  • Eucalyptus

  • Rose

  • Ylang/Ylang

Heart Chakra Meditation:

Do a simple meditation by taking a few minutes of silence. Allow yourself to breathe deeply and focus your attention on your heart. See it as a radiant emerald green. Sit in the warmth and comfort of this brilliant healing energy. Notice any thoughts or feelings that arise without judgment. If your mind's eye spots any dark or dullness in this chakra, imagine you have an emerald paintbrush and use it to restore the light to its magnificence. Feel free to place any of the above-mentioned stones on your chest and burn some incense to set the mind at ease. Rose is one of my favorites for this! Rose has the highest vibration of any plant on the planet!

As always, Reiki helps!

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